Appropriate water reuse should be based on state-of-the-art technology, standards, legislation, and sound knowledge, but also in the use of correct terminology between all users and stakeholders.

Several different terms are used to describe forms of water and wastewater and their sub-sequent treatment and reuse, that are used interchangeably to define water reuse globally. This has created confusion among different stakeholders and between different countries as well.

To facilitate communication among different disciplines associated with wastewater, water reclamation and reuse practices, it is important to establish a broad understanding of the terminology used in the field.

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The aim of the glossary is to provide an overview of commonly used terms and definitions relating to water reuse, contributing to ensuring the proper use of associated terms. 

Definitions are both in English and in Arabic, while the terms have been translated in Spanish, Italian, Greek and Arabic, the languages spoken within the MENAWARA and MEDWAYCAP project. 

You can insert a single word in the string to obtain the related definition and/or its translation. The word can be entered in any of the 4 languages.

With the aim to facilitate a proper understanding of the terminology used in the frame of water reuse, the terms and definitions have been also included in the "MENAWARA. Water Reuse Terms and Definition" where they are grouped into the following items according to the process order: 

·       foundational terms;

·       terms to describe different types of water;

·       terms to describe wastewater treatment processes and products;

·       water reuse related terms;

·       water reclamation system related components;

·       health and environment related terms.