The demonstration fields of the target areas in MENAWARA are located in:

  • Arborea, Sardinia (Italy)
  • Beit Dajan, Nablus (Palestine)
  • Ramtha, (Jordan)
  • Choutrana II, Borj Touil/Sidi Amor, Beni Hassen/Monastir (Tunisia)
  • Carriòn de los Cespédes, Seville (Spain).

Demonstration fields have been equipped with effective irrigation technologies and/or techniques adapted to the local context and tailored to the use of treated wastewater  (TWW) and drainage water which quality is enhanced according to the fit for purpose approach. The irrigation innovative trains adapted to TWW are identified in each intervention area together with the appropriate measuring and monitoring devices. The latter allow for the monitoring of soil water content and salinity levels, yield and quality of crops, and for the overall impact of the chain at demo-level and for simulating its up-scaling impact.

All these activities took place and were shared within the Living Labs.