Roundtables have been organized in Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Dubai, Italy and Spain to address governance challenges and opportunities trying to understand, together with the relevant stakeholders, starting from the experience gained in recent years within various projects, how to deal, in a synergistic way, with water scarcity issues by promoting the re-use of non-conventional water resources. Starting from concrete solutions, participants were called to discuss the future and strategize the future steps highlighting the necessity to work together.

Within the MEDWAYCAP project, a structure and a mechanism, to establish cross linkages between different initiatives, actions and activities for a future development of a  Mediterranean Water Management Framework are proposed to address silos and support a major cross-fertilisation, enabling a greater positive impact on the water sector and correlated dimensions at the regional level.

The main action is related to the establishment of the necessary structures to link high-level policy frameworks with a Communities of Practice - CoPs working in the water sector, and to spread the collaboration among CoPs.